Integra stem with Garmin computer gets airing at the Giro d'Italia

Team Garmin-Barracuda will use the 3T Integra stem – which has been redesigned in collaboration with Garmin – for the first time at the start of the Giro d’Italia this weekend. The stem comes with an integrated Garmin Edge computer mount for improved aerodynamics, security and a slick appearance.

We briefly showed you the stem at Eurobike last August when it was fitted with a CycleOps Powertap display (below). We must say, that incarnation looked a whole lot more integrated than the Garmin version.

The stem is all-carbon which is interesting in itself; alloy stems are the default choice in the pro peloton. The handlebar clamp bolts are covered by a shroud in the nose of the stem. If you want to fit a Garmin Edge, you just remove the shroud and stick a computer mount in its place.

3T reckon the Integra holds the computer screen at the perfect angle and that it improves airflow around the stem.

Edge computers are ANT+ compatible so as well as all the usual speed, distance and heart rate measurements, they can display power output transmitted from a device that uses that wireless sensor network.

Garmin-Barracuda rider Christian Vande Velde will certainly be using the new stem on his Cervélo road bike – but not his TT bike – in the Giro and other team members, including Thomas Dekker, are likely to follow suit.

The Integra stem will be available in 100, 110 and 120mm lengths with a 10° angle, the 110mm version weighing 178g. It will be available at £259.99 from late June. You can pre-order now through 3T dealers. For more details go to the i-ride website.

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alotronic [544 posts] 5 years ago

Being the owner of a 705 and having tried various ways to attach it I can see the sense in this but £260?!?!?!

Thinks for 10 seconds...

Designs in head a face-plate replacement that could do pretty much the same thing for about £15... now if only I had CNC milling machine...


russyparkin [570 posts] 5 years ago

yeah i would have stretched to £100 but thats a tad silly

pjay [254 posts] 5 years ago
CliveDS [50 posts] 5 years ago

The Barfly is the answer, this 3T stem is a little overdone.

See my video here: http://youtu.be/uE0SFliR9LQ

Glossies [29 posts] 5 years ago

Look rediculous even before seeing the price!

This is a sensibly priced alternative at about £15.