Team Sky rider sustains broken shoulder in training crash

Team Sky's Ben Swift is out of the Giro d'Italia after suffering a fractured right shoulder during a training ride. The circumstances of the incident aren't clear, but Swift will miss the first Grand Tour of the season to concentrate on his recovery.

"well that is my Giro over, had a very heavy crash out on the bike today very disappointed not to be able to start. further checks tomorrow," he tweeted earlier.

Jeremy Hunt has been called up to replace him, a state of events that caused David Millar to comment, "Professional Cyclist Pity: Being called up for the Giro less than 48hrs before the start."

Obviously plenty of people thought Millar was talking about himself, as he later added, "It's not me. Hence the pity. Although if I didn't like him as much it would definitely be a 'Professional Cyclist Schadenfreude' moment."

Hunt will no doubt be feeling for his injured teammate but also relishing his chance of riding in a Grand Tour. He comes into the Giro, which he's ridden before, on the back of a solid set of performances in the Classics. We'll update this story when we have more details.

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