Brompton launch limited edition Jubilee bike
London manufacturer offers patriotic model

In celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, Brompton has released a limited edition red, white and blue bike complete with custom componentry and reflective tweed Union Jack luggage.

An announcement to Brompton’s global distribution network last month drew strong demand for the product and ensured that the limited run of 500 was allocated in less than 24 hours.

Along with a three-coloured frame, the Jubilee Brompton is fitted with white mudguards and a blue Brooks B17 saddle. A Union Jack decal completes the look. The Jubilee Brompton will also come with an S Bag, sporting a limited-edition reflective tweed flap, again in a Union Jack motif, handmade by London-based designer-maker Katie Barton.

“Brompton Bicycle has been manufacturing its bicycles in London for over a quarter of a century,” said Sales and Marketing Director Emerson Roberts. “In 1995, the Queen’s Award for Export Achievement brought Brompton to the attention of a much broader public and set us on course to becoming the UK’s largest bicycle manufacturer. In 2010, the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in both Innovation and Export Achievement again helped Brompton to distinguish itself from its competitors.

“We thought a fun way to recognise Her Majesty’s influence on our success would be to come up with a very British, royally-inspired bike that celebrates a remarkable reign.”


The Jubilee Bromptons will be available in participating dealers over the next month at a recommended retail price of £1,200. For details on the entire range go to www.brompton.co.uk.

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russyparkin [570 posts] 3 years ago

is this allowed? should it not have a e.u flag on it?

John_the_Monkey [434 posts] 3 years ago

That's quite smart, although for me, the quintissential British Brompton is the racing green "colourway".

sonyjim [45 posts] 3 years ago

I agree john but I think instead of messing about with Blackpool bling it would be better to up the quality of the components on the bike and do the job properly. I think the overpriced special edition is beginning to wear thin