We picked a name at random from our first 100 premium players... was it you?

In case it escaped your notice, we launched our premium Fantasy Cycling yesterday. You get eight extra tours and the chance to win some big prizes, including a £1,499 Jamis Xenith Comp bike in the upcoming Giro d'Italia. It's only £10 for the season but to sweeten the deal we've knocked £3 off until the start of the racing in Italy. And as a further incentive we had a signed Team Sky jersey from our friends at the IG Markets Pro Cycling Index to give away to one of the first 100 premium players.

Well we're comfortably over the ton now, although it has to be said that if you want to be in with a shot of winning a pretty flash bike then your odds will be pretty decent in the premium game, it'll be hundreds of players rather than thousands for the Giro. You'll still need to pick a decent team though, it's not just down to numbers...

Anyway we dipped our hand into the electric hat (well, went to www.random.org anyway) and picked out a lucky winner. And that winner is tobyrowsell! So well done to him, and also to the ten sock winners - we've emailed the first ten to sign up, so if you haven't heard from us then we're afraid you missed out on that one. Don't forget that you can get a pair of road.cc socks at any time from the road.cc shop for £6.99. Or three pairs for £14.99. Bargain.

If you're playing the Giro d'Italia then there'll be plenty of chances to win! There's the big premium prizes of course, but even as a standard player you get the chance to win daily prizes for the top score, as well as spot prizes. There'll be podium prizes for standard players too. We'll announce them next week.

To sign up, if you haven't already, or to pick your team for the Giro, just head over to http://fantasy.road.cc



Dave is a founding father of road.cc and responsible for kicking the server when it breaks. In a previous life he was a graphic designer but he's also a three-time Mountain Bike Bog Snorkelling world champion, and remains unbeaten through the bog. Dave rides all sorts of bikes but tends to prefer metal ones. He's getting old is why.