Cakes, bikes, art, & clothing combine for a cycling event with a difference on Jubilee weekend

Balham Bowls Club is the place to be on June 4th, Jubilee weekend, when the Vulpine Cycling Fete promises to deliver what should be a perfect storm (in a good way) of cycling themed fun with a stellar line up of cool kit, cool bikes, warm cakes and cool beer. Organised by Nick Hussey and his wife Emmalou - the couple behind the Vulpine clothing brand (but you probably guessed that anyway) this is going to be a cycling event with a difference.

To make it so the Vulpine creators have got together with some of Britain's up and coming new cycling companies, frame builders, and artists to stage an event that is going to be very much more than simply gazing at lovely bikes - although there will be plenty to gaze at. They've assembled a cracking line-up of talent all keen to show of their cycling wares, including, Donhou Cycles, Foffa, qoroz, Pearson, Milk Bikes, Kinesis UK, Tokyo Fixed and Ricky Feather… to name but a few on the bike side, there's more too - check out the poster.  Quoc Pham will be there showing off his leather cycling shoes, the Tweed Run will be… er, getting tweedy and generally bringing an air of refined good taste to proceedings while Rollapaluza will be putting on roller racing for adults and kids.

Although there will be plenty of bikes to see - this is a fete so there will also be tea and cake stalls (including one run by the lovely people from Look Mum No Hands, and of course a bar too. This being a traditional English fete there will be traditional English games amongst the bikes and fun for everyone young, old, cyclist or not.

While the bikes, cake and fancy kit take care of your cycling needs a slew of artists including Rich Mitchelson, Philip Deacon, Will Barras, Jason Devine, Andy Mackie, and Dominic Trevett will be on hand to help stimulate the old grey matter.

To top it all off in what is possibly a media first hook up between a cycling fete and a cycling website road.cc is proud to be the Vupline Fete's media partner. Basically that means we'll be keeping you up to date with who's going to be doing what in the run-up and popping along for some tea, cake and photographical action on the day.

Like all the best fetes entry to the Vulpine Fete is free, there will be bunting and a barbecue, and all proceeds will be going to charity. So if you're in London on the 4th of June why not pop along and try something traditional… but different.

The Balham Bowls Club is on Cycle Superhighway 7 and Balham north tube and mainline station is close by if you're not bringing your bike.

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