Levi’s Commuter series launched in UK

Bike-specific clothing comes to Europe for the first time

by Mat Brett   April 12, 2012  

Levi’s Commuter series of clothing for cyclists is now available in the UK.

The range, which has been available in the US for several months, comprises Commuter 511 jeans and slacks (Levi’s word, not ours), Commuter Trucker jackets and a Commuter Shirt.

Levi’s describe the commuter series as, “A multi-functional performance product designed for cyclists all over the world.”

The Commuter 511 Slim Slacks are based on the existing 511 slim cut jeans. Elastane in the cotton twill fabric adds a degree or stretch that will come in useful when you’re on the bike.

Turning up the leg reveals 3M reflective stripes for extra nighttime visibility and a utility waistband allows you to carry a U-lock easily. The crotch is reinforced to avoid ripping. These are available in black, kangaroo (khaki), sceptor (blue) and red ochre at £80.

The Commuter 511s will soon be available in a non-stretch denim version too for £85.

The Commuter Trucker jacket is based on the classic Levi’s Trucker jacket, slim cut with a slightly extended back to keep you covered up when you’re stretching forward on the bike. You get pockets in the lower back too, which is always the best place to keep stuff when you’re riding, 3M reflective tape on the waistband adjusters, and accordion sleeves – additional fabric that’s designed to expand for extra mobility when you’re riding.

The Commuter Trucker jacket will be available from May in stretch denim for £135 and in a stretch twill version for £145.

The Commuter shirt will be available in May too. It’s cotton with a pocket on the right hand side of the back and another in the sleeve. It’ll retail at £80.

The Commuter products feature what’s called a NanoSphere treatment from Swiss-based Schoeller Technologies which adds water resistance and repels dirt.

They also feature Sanitized hygiene function from technology expert Clariant, which is a treatment to protect against odours.

When the Commuter line was introduced into the US last year, Erik Joule, senior vice president of Levi’s Men’s Merchandising and Design said, “This product was born from innovation, classic American style and a personal passion for cycling – it’s about designing product for people who ride bikes, by people who ride bikes.

“We knew that our jeans were already being worn by urban cyclists across the country, including our own designers. We listened to what they wanted and created a product with performance traits for biking that also functions as daily street wear.”

For all the details go along to Levi’s website.  

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"The range..." you can say that again(?)

In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice...

posted by notfastenough [3705 posts]
12th April 2012 - 13:05


notfastenough wrote:
"The range..." you can say that again(?)

Beat me to it. I think that secretly they like the term 'slacks' so couldn't resist repeating it.

Much better than 'pants'.

posted by Coleman [331 posts]
12th April 2012 - 13:35


It's alls slacks and casual lounging wear round here Coleman

Tony Farrelly's picture

posted by Tony Farrelly [4201 posts]
12th April 2012 - 14:03


I prefer the Partridgesque term, 'sports casual.'

posted by wild man [293 posts]
12th April 2012 - 14:39


Looking at their models, I doubt my thighs/glutes will fit without clown-trouser waist sizes, as per. Boo.

posted by steff [81 posts]
12th April 2012 - 15:37


I'm going to pop along to look mum no hands for the launch event, as it's a ten minute walk away and I'll comment back on what I see of the jeans etc

Cannondale CAAD10, Condor Terra-X and an orange Brompton.
Ride for East London Velo

zzgavin's picture

posted by zzgavin [208 posts]
12th April 2012 - 18:06


Oh dear! Rip-off Britain...
Same price or less in dollars over here in the US. And made in the far-east for a bowl of rice or two anyway. I'm taking orders now!

posted by pwake [364 posts]
12th April 2012 - 18:18


Slim fit? You've got to be kidding! If I can squeeze my legs into these, there's no way I'm pedalling unless, as you say steff you go large on the waist.

posted by Ting [58 posts]
12th April 2012 - 21:10


Seriously, guys who wear "tights" are taking the piss out of the word "slacks"?

*shakes head*

Doctor Fegg's picture

posted by Doctor Fegg [142 posts]
12th April 2012 - 21:50


I don't think US retail prices quote VAT as each state is different. So not quite ripp off.

posted by Addy TT [6 posts]
13th April 2012 - 9:03


Well they seem nice enough when I saw them last night, but not so nice as i'd rush out and buy them, the denim felt a bit soft for my liking. the trousers looked better.

Rollapaluza on the other hand is great fun

Cannondale CAAD10, Condor Terra-X and an orange Brompton.
Ride for East London Velo

zzgavin's picture

posted by zzgavin [208 posts]
13th April 2012 - 10:47


Doctor Fegg wrote:
Seriously, guys who wear "tights" are taking the piss out of the word "slacks"?

*shakes head*

Haha! Fair point. But slacks is a funny word. It just is.

posted by Mat Brett [2170 posts]
13th April 2012 - 10:50


When I read the title of this I thought Levi Leipheimer was bringing his new brand of bikes out Dont Tell Anyone

posted by Marauder [279 posts]
13th April 2012 - 13:59


I'm with the 'slim fit??' brigade .... Did Levi do *any* market research on this one? Not to mention the pumpkin coloured keks that even Max Wall would have difficulty getting in to... Those, on a drizzly muddy day? Ho, ho, ho Smile

posted by carl j [23 posts]
13th April 2012 - 20:54


dammit... just when I was hoping the hipster trend would fade into forgotten obscurity, Levi's has to go and revive it over the pond. You Roadie Brits keep fighting the good fight and get rid of the fixie-hipster trend...

posted by advcyclist [2 posts]
13th April 2012 - 21:29


I bought two pairs of these jeans in the US in October - they've worn well, very comfortable with some stretch, but they *are* very slim relative to the waist size.

posted by hirsthirst [25 posts]
14th April 2012 - 8:34


Yeah well me and Levi's don't get on since 1977 (last time a pair of their jeans fitted me). Small in stature and a set of thighs that can only be described as disproportionate for my body shape...and short legs...nearly had to call for an assistant in Next to help peel off the last pair of 'slim fit' trousies I tried on....and Next jeans are usually my best bet these days

...so the Levi's...NOT! Max Wall yep...hairline is receding fast these days, just need a penguin jacket and white shirt...and a pair of 511...and I'd be making money as Max's stunt man...(if he was still here today). Smile


The _Kaner's picture

posted by The _Kaner [630 posts]
14th April 2012 - 12:34


Brian Nichol wrote:
When I read the title of this I thought Levi Leipheimer was bringing his new brand of bikes out Dont Tell Anyone

LOL Big Grin
At least they're not Rapha prices ehh?

Paulo's picture

posted by Paulo [112 posts]
15th April 2012 - 16:49


I agree with The_Kaner, I'm not going to easel fit my Cancellara honed thighs and ham like calves into skinny fit jeans either. Never liked that spindly roadie look anyway.

If Levi do a pair of decent boot cut jeans with a reflective stripe I'd buy them straight away.

Silly me. You're probably right....

MercuryOne's picture

posted by MercuryOne [1195 posts]
16th April 2012 - 9:50


I hope you're kidding.

posted by jervais [18 posts]
24th April 2012 - 15:08


Just throwing this on here in case anyone happens upon the article. I picked up a pair back in August and I lhave to say... they're great. I have a half-hour-each-way commute to work and they've been really good - comfy, (slightly) water-resistant, quick drying and stylish.

I have a similar problem suggested by above commentors (big legs, essentially) and can't normally get into skinny jeans; somehow these are fine. Anyway, these days the term 'skinny' seems to cover a fairly broad range of fits. The reflective seam is, if we're honest, a bit of a gimmick; the high waistline, on the other hand, is a boon (particularly for those behind me). Also handy is the wee D-lock strap.

And for all those hipster/fixie haters, I'm not really anyone's idea of a hipster (and I have a touring bike, y'know, with gears) - but face facts: regardless of tribe, the more cyclists the better.

Ghedebrav's picture

posted by Ghedebrav [1132 posts]
31st October 2012 - 15:17