il Soigneur Build-a-Bag now online

Spec up your custom musette and the Bristol-based bagmeisters will knock it up for you

by Dave Atkinson   March 31, 2012  


The musette's firmly back in fashion these days, and Dene from il Soigneur can take as much of the credit for that as anyone. He's been quietly building a reputation for making good quality bags and now you can spec your own unique musette on the il Soigneur website.

It's simple: just head over to and make your choices. There's nearly 30 different fabrics to choos from for the exterior of your bag and about the same number for the liner. Pick a strap design from a selection of seven, and a colour for the poppers; you can have all three different colors if you like. il Soigneur will build up the bag to your spec and send it out to you; depending on the materials chose it'll be just less than, or just over, £30.

If you can't quite get what you want from the online system then you can download a template and suggest a more complex design, although obviously you'll be paying extra for that. Given that the standard custom bags are £28, the same as il Sogneur's Team Musette, they don't seem like a bad deal to us. Happy tinkering!