Red carpet premiere rewards six months' work...

A six-month film-making project that focuses on young people’s experiences of cycling in Southport will be show at the town’s Arts Centre this Wednesday (July 15)

A group of girls from Greenbank High School have produced the film called ‘Pedal Power – The Way Forward’ which explores cycling and the role it can play in everyday life. Southport is one of Cycling England’s Cycling Towns

The film project was organised by the North Sefton City Learning Centre and CTC’s Cycle Champions Officer for Sefton Juliet Jardine, who has been working closely with the school for over a year. Juliet said: “The motivation of these young women has been fantastic. They have seen the very real benefits of cycling and made it their mission to spread the word.”

Sections of the film were shot using helmet-cams, enabling viewers to appreciate first-hand the road safety advice and cycling tips offered by the film-makers. There are interviews with local people, healthcare professionals and cycling experts from CTC and Sustrans’ local Bike It officer.

Around 150 guests from the local area, representatives from other ‘Cycling Towns’ in England and dignitaries will be attending the Arts Centre première at 6.30pm. The young filmmakers will make a red carpet entrance, before they watch their film’s first screening.

Following its première, ‘Pedal Power – The Way Forward’ will be featured on various websites, including www.greenbank.sefton.sch.uk, www.ctc.org.uk and www.dft.gov.uk/cyclingengland.