Cambridgeshire County Council backs Times campaign, appoints cabinet member as Cycling Champion

County councillor will promote cyclists' interests across all of councils areas of operation

by Simon_MacMichael   March 29, 2012  

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Cambridgeshire County Council has this week backed The Times newspaper’s Cities Fit For Cycling campaign and immediately implemented one of the eight points contained in the initiative’s manifesto by appointing one of its councillors to the new post of Cycling Champion.

The newspaper had urged that “every city, even those without an elected mayor, should appoint a cycling commissioner to push home reforms,” an appeal subsequently endorsed by transport minister, Norman Baker.

In Cambridgeshire that role will now be fulfilled by County Councillor Martin Curtis, a Conservative and Cabinet Member for Adult Services and Olympic co-ordinator. The creation of that position was proposed by fellow Councillor Shona Johnstone, who had tabled a motion debated earlier this week for the county to adopt the Cities Fit For Cycling manifesto.

The county council is responsible for the roads in Cambridge itself as well as most of those in the surrounding county, with the city already enjoying the highest levels of cycling in the UK. Earlier this month, it was revealed that bicycles now make up almost a quarter of Cambridge’s traffic.

Councillor Curtis’s new role will see him promote cyclists’ interests across all of the council’s work, including making it easier and safer for people to choose to use bikes for their journeys throughout the county.

“I am honoured to be chosen for this vital role which will help improve an already UK leading record on cycling,” he commented.

“I am a keen cyclist and marathon runner and know just how important it is to provide the right facilities and conditions to encourage even greater levels of cycling.

“Not only is cycling good for the health and well being of our communities but also our economic success.

“This is about improving cycling for the whole of our County, from our cities to our rural areas.”

Councillor Johnstone added: “Cambridgeshire has made great strides in improving cycling in Cambridgeshire putting us as one of the top areas in the country. But we can do better and I was glad to see councillors from all parties support this motion.

“This will help us take the next steps to further improve cycling levels which are vital in reducing congestion, helping the economic prosperity of the area and achieving better health outcomes for our communities.”

Last month, Cambridge City Council became the first local authority to officially adopt The Times newaspaper’s campaign.


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"Cambridge City Council became the first local authority to officially adopt The Times newaspaper’s campaign"

Hi, the article that you link to in the last sentence says that they _will_ vote on it:
"On February 23, Cambridge City Council will vote on a motioin backing the campaign, and expects to receive full support. ".

Do you have other more recent information you could link to?

It's great news and hopefully other LA's will follow. Like everybody else I was impressed that the points called for by the campaign were all really relevant and didn't include the usual red herrings. There is one major point which is missing though and that is strict liability. I wish they could include it somehow.


posted by horizontal dropout [219 posts]
29th March 2012 - 19:34


That link has been updated to a post-vote story now (still from The Times)

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posted by Simon_MacMichael [9232 posts]
29th March 2012 - 20:42