Cyclescheme teams up with British Cycling to boost cycling's profile

Initiative's aims include getting more people riding and emphasising cycling's environmental credentials

by Simon_MacMichael   March 28, 2012  

Dog in bike basket (copyright Simon MacMichael)

Cyclescheme, the UK’s biggest provider of bicycles under the Cycle to Work scheme, has teamed up with British Cycling to raise awareness of the health benefits of cycling as well as increasing knowledge and awareness of cycling. With the sport in the spotlight this year as Britain’s top riders go for gold at London 2012, the partnership will also seek to encourage commuters to switch to two wheels to get to work.

Describing cycling as having “well and truly hit the mainstream,” Cyclescheme and British Cycling will also be pushing the environmental credentials of riding a bike, including its role in helping meet CO2 reduction targets, easing congestion on the roads and encouraging sustainable travel.

Daniel Gillborn, Cyclescheme’s head of commercial operations, commented: “Here at Cyclescheme we are committed to the long-term cultural and modal shift from cars to bicycles.

“Our partnership with British Cycling is another key step in leveraging the positive effects of our Olympic year to increase the number of people who cycle to work, whilst enhancing British Cycling’s commuter strategy too.”

British Cycling chief executive Ian Drake added: “We’re working hard to encourage more people to ride to work, both through our road safety campaigning and by providing a raft of expert tips and advice to commuters from ensuring they have the right kit, to having the necessary skills to ride safety in the rush hour.

“We’re delighted to now be working with Cyclescheme who share our passion for increasing the number of cyclists across the country, and together we look forward to helping more people make the move from the car or train onto the bike.”

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It's always nice to see that dog.

Noli porcum linguere

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posted by captain_slog [310 posts]
28th March 2012 - 21:04

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Is it just me or are 'environmental credentials' about the least emotive arguments possible to encourage cycling?

Think about it, anyone who is genuinely driven by environmental concerns is highly unlikely to be driving everywhere. Promotion of other, far more tangible, benefits has generally proved to be far more effective i.e. health/fitness, money saving, reliable journey times etc. etc. That's the kind of nudge, nudge approach the CTC workplace challenges aim for because they know what pushes people's buttons.

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posted by G-bitch [320 posts]
29th March 2012 - 10:14


Got to agree with the poster above - couldn't really care to much about the environmental argument - but a cam of me cycling past the hour long queue to the Rothergide Tunnel this AM would sell cycling 100 times more!

posted by jonomc4 [26 posts]
29th March 2012 - 16:10