Trouble with free-range pedestrians? This new innovation could help...

Having trouble with free-roaming pedestrians cutting you up on your daily commute? Slightly gullible? Well, help is at hand. Maybe. One frustrated London commuter got so tired with SMIDSY peds that he came up with a novel approach to the problem: the Bike Butterfly.

Basically, it's a set of spring loaded butterfly wings made from what looks like kite fabric. Stomp on the brakes and the wings unfold in the blink of an eye; that makes you more visible, gives the pedestrian something to remember (so maybe they'll look out for cyclists in the future) and also helps to slow you down. Three wins for the price of one.

It looks like the wings are flying out of the door (stop it - ed) as they appear to be sold out on the Bike Butterfly website. However, we're reliably informed that they're expecting more stock on Sunday... which seems an odd day for a delivery.


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