Get your name in the hat for a big pile of kit

If you're at a loose end you could do worse than head over to the Maxgear site and enter their free prize draw. Maxgear are a fairly new name in the world of cycling - the company started in 2007 - but already they're supplying some top riders, including Nicole Cooke's Vision 1 team and Sean Kelly's An Post outfit.

We'll be testing some of their kit over the next few weeks but in the meantime you can be in with a chance of winning a package of kit worth £500, which includes:

  • one World Cup Helmet
  • one pair of World Cup Sunglasses
  • one pair of Flow Sunglasses
  • one TI Pro Saddle
  • two carbon bottle cages
  • a full Compression Suit (short sleeve top, long sleeve top, sleeveless top and tights)
  • one slick seat pack
  • one GOOJ multi tool
  • one chain cleaner
  • one set of cleaning brushes
  • one gear brush
  • one alloy 7 mini pump
  • three puncture repair kits
  • six 700ML water bottles
  • six 500ML water bottles

All you have to do is head over to maxgear.co.uk and either buy something or subscribe to their mailing list and you're in the hat. And while we're on the subject of competitions, normal schwag service should be resuming on road.cc next week...

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