Fulcrum launches Limited Edition 'Comp' versions of Racing Zero & 1 wheel sets

Ceramic bearings and the Mega Drive Side Hub from further up the range feature

by nick_rearden   March 22, 2012  


Fulcrum, the Shimano and SRAM-compatible wheel brand of the Italian Campagnolo component company has launched two pairs of special Limited Edition wheels due to arrive on these shores in April.

Based on the existing Racing Zero and Racing 1 models, the new Competition Limited Edition versions of both feature a new Mega Drive Side Hub - no prizes for guessing why it's called that - which has the dual benefit of reducing the weight of the rear wheel - from 825 to 800g on the Racing Zeros and from 851 to 808g  on the Racing 1s - and increasing torsional stiffness by 8%.

The pricier Racing Zero Competition Limited Editions also feature the company's Cult ceramic bearings - normally an optional upgrade - which are claimed to be "nine times smoother." What we know is they have a graph plotting the wheel spinning for 45 minutes if you start it off at 500rpm, which looks plausible having hand-spun similar bearings and got bored waiting for them to stop.

Both pairs of wheels also get understated new graphics on the otherwise unchanged machined aluminium rims which are carried over from the original wheels. The front 'v' shaped profile has a 26mm depth and the rear 30mm with distinctive weight-saving cutaways; they're designed for clincher tyres. 

Prices will be £1,099.99 for the Zero Competition Limited Editions and £799.99 for the Racing 1 Competition Limited Editions. Shall we just call them 'Comp Ltds'?

Details: i-ride.co.uk

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ooooh nice.

posted by rodmc [24 posts]
23rd March 2012 - 9:19


I have Zeros on my best bike. Amazing wheels. Love the new look...checks bank account...

posted by iamelectron [161 posts]
23rd March 2012 - 11:01


This wheel is probably not going to help me win Paris-Roubaix this year..

Hence it's not good enough for me..


seabass89's picture

posted by seabass89 [235 posts]
23rd March 2012 - 19:37


Isn't this the Campy Shamal / Eurus 2012 3G mega drive?

posted by ArAr [5 posts]
23rd March 2012 - 20:22