Londoners on Bikes gets its message across to Boris Johnson... by handing him leaflet as he rides home

Campaign group callig on mayoral candidates to put cycle safety at heart of transport policies

by Simon_MacMichael   March 21, 2012  

Tour Des Bikeshops Vimeo Still

Londoners on Bikes, the campaign group launched recently with the express purpose of urging candidates in the forthcoming mayoral elections put cycling and the safety of cyclists at the heart of their transport policies has made sure that present incumbent Boris Johnson has received its message loud and clear – the mop-topped mayor was just one of the home-going bike commuters to be handed a leaflet outlining its position this evening near Angel.

The group, which we first reported on last week together with its Tour des Bikeshops video, has been leafleting key commuters on key routes in and out of the centre of the capital in recent days – this evening alone, members were handing them out not only at Angel, but also at other locations including Tower Bridge and Old Street.

It has also launched a new video, eloquent in its simplicity, that highlights the message that London is a city where cars don’t work.