Ronde van Oost Lancashire - a Flanders classic for the North of England

Free-to-enter 50-miler taking in some hidden cobbled gems around Burnley

by Dave Atkinson   March 16, 2012  

ronde van oost lancashire

Free entry! Free cake! Right, now we've got your attention. If you're in the vicinity of Burnley on Saturday 31 March then why not get yourself out and about and have a go at the Ronde van Oost Lancashire, a 50-mile loop that takes in some of the area's finest scenery and a whole host of hidden cobbled gems. To whet your appetite, they've produced this rather nice video to set the tone...

The Ronde is in its third year and this year the organisers are expecting 100 riders. The ride starts at Pendle Heritage Centre in Barrowford and loops anti-clockwise around Burnley, with an Easterly leg that runs out to Hebden via Hawks Stones and back past Widdop reservoir for some tough climbing on some fairly wild roads. As well as that, the organisers have included as many cobbled sections as they can to give the full Flanders experience. They make the route 'a little contrived' according to the crossjunkie website and you can miss them out if you really don't fancy them, but we can't help feeling you'd be better off manning up and getting your arse on the cobbles.

Some of the climbs look a bit frightening; the Packhorse in Hebden has a handrail, which is never a good sign. The organisers describe it as "brutal to ride, probably impossible in the wet or damp", so pray for a dry day if you're rocking up. For full information on the ride head over to

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If I wasn't doing the real thing I'd be well up for that.

posted by pjt201 [101 posts]
16th March 2012 - 14:11


Looks a bit northern for my liking Confused

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posted by minnellium [84 posts]
16th March 2012 - 14:18

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That rider is Gustav Larsson, training for 2010 P-R by one of the finest photographers in the sport, Tim De Waele of

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posted by Simon E [2418 posts]
16th March 2012 - 15:56

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minnellium wrote:
Looks a bit northern for my liking Confused

What can you mean? There's no brass band and cog dancing at the finish this year.

I suppose the 'nose bleed north of Watford' brigade are better off out of it. We'll still come south though to glide around what your so called 'challenging' sportives like the Dartmoor.

Got to go fly t'whippets now.. Big Grin

Silly me. You're probably right....

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posted by MercuryOne [1221 posts]
16th March 2012 - 15:57

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Looks rubbish, I won't be there. This happened to me last year:
: great big smiley :

posted by stever [64 posts]
16th March 2012 - 17:05


Terrific picture. Poor bloke.
Joking of course, the RVOL was a highlight of last year for me.

posted by stever [64 posts]
16th March 2012 - 17:08

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get thee t'th Ronde. It's champion, I tell thee.

posted by terrahawk [12 posts]
16th March 2012 - 17:21


we won't be there sadly. we get a bit jittery if we go above any genuinely northern sounding towns on the map. placenames like hebden and mytholmroyd make us break out in a cold sweat. we'll see if chipps wants to go, he's built up a tolerance Wink

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7857 posts]
16th March 2012 - 17:31

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Looks great. Shame it's a bit far away.

The North starts at Salisbury btw.

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posted by Rob Simmonds [257 posts]
16th March 2012 - 18:14

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Lancashire? North? Pah! Practically the Midlands, that like.

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posted by joemmo [1113 posts]
16th March 2012 - 23:57


Rode it last year - really good route, great cobbled fun and fantastic company too.
Cakes were nice too.

Would be doing it again if I was in the country.

Do it if you can.

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posted by mooseman [85 posts]
18th March 2012 - 17:05

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Shouldn't there be free cloth caps provided as well as free slices of 'Ovis for t'climbs? Eee , when I were a lad ....


posted by seanieh66 [197 posts]
19th March 2012 - 5:12