When is Red not red?

Anything Cervelo or Rotor can do... Cancellara's storming victory on the prologue circuit around Monaco saw him in yellow for stage two, but it wasn't just his jersey that got the treatment. That night Cancellara's mechanic, Roger Theel, worked round the clock to build him up a yellow Specialized Tarmac SL3 complete with yellow-detailed SRAM Red components. The levers, brake blocks and mech cage all got the treatment.

How long he'll get to keep his special yellow bike on the road remains to be seen. Will it make him go any faster? Probably not. Does it look better than standard team issue kit? Only if you really like yellow. But it's the Tour de France and one of the gongs for being in the lead is that you get to wear and use a lot of yellow stuff. So chin up Fabian, you'll only have to carry on like this until the team time trial at the latest. We're pretty sure that Specialized don't have a yellow version of that crazy TT bike knocking around...

Pics courtesy of www.theroaddiaries.com

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