New lid more slippery than ever

Everyone's busy farming out the pre-Tour press releases and now it's Giro's turn: here's a sneak preview of their new TT helmet, decked out in Livestrong colours, that Astana will be wearing at the prologue. The helmet is so new that it doesn't have a name yet (suggestions below) so we'll refer to it by its project code, the easy-on-the-tongue G-284-TT.

Giro claim that their boffins tell them that for every 100g of drag saved a pro rider can save 46 seconds over a 40km time trial. They don't say what this new helmet actually does save in terms of drag, but the official line is that "although the helmet is still within the it’s development stages and is work-in-progress, it offers such an aerodynamic advantage already that it would be foolish not to use in this year’s Prologue"

There's lots of talk on Giro's video about the helmet's development (which is worth a watch if you like wind tunnels and flow tanks and such) about the helmet being 'adaptable to different riding styles' - we're not sure what this means in practice but it looks most likely that there's a modular rear section which can take a variety of different shaped end pieces to better fit to your position. We're waiting for confirmation on that though.

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