Tactics talked with leading eco-campaigners

The CTC was today making its case for cycling to be seen as a normal day-to-day activity in front of high-profile environmental campaigners, including the Prince of Wales.

CTC’s policy coordinator Chris Peck was attending the launch of the Sustainable Development Commission’s ‘Breakthroughs for the 21st Century’ project, hosted by Anna Ford, Jonathan Dimbleby and Rosie Boycott. Prince Charles was also due to visit the launch.

The presentation comes just a day after the government announced its intention to write a National Cycle Plan and encourage people to see the bike as a ‘mainstream form of personal transport’.

Chris Peck was due to outline his “Making Cycling Mainstream” proposals, to help cycling become the normal choice for journeys of up to five miles. His ideas were selected by SDC Commissioners from among almost 300 suggestions put forward by members of the public, businesses, academics, and sustainability professionals.

Released earlier this year, the CTC strategy includes encouraging governments and local authorities to support cycling, more incentives for people to take it up (including the removal of VAT on bikes) and strengthening road traffic law and its enforcement.

Chris Peck said: “Cycling ticks every box the government could wish for. It is good for our health, for streets and communities, our environment and our quality of life. People of all ages, income groups and backgrounds can enjoy the benefits it brings.”

Jonathan Porritt, chair of the Sustainable Development Commission, said: “This isn’t a novel idea – but it’s one whose time has come. At the very least, we should aim to double cycling levels within ten years. The bicycle is the most efficient and environmentally benign form of transport ever invented; we know it’s good for health, and we look forward to a world in which it’s taken for granted that both we and our children can get around cheaply and independently by bike.”