Longleat Estate confirms National Cycle Routes 24 and 25 remain open to cyclists

Situation remains "under review" but Sustrans says signage removed in error will be replaced

by Simon_MacMichael   February 21, 2012  

Longleat House

Sustrans has told road.cc that it has received confirmation from the Longleat Estate that cyclists will be continued to allow to use the sections of National Cycle Route 24 and 25 that run through the grounds of the stately home in Wiltshire, although it adds that the issue of access remains "under review."

As reported on road.cc last week, there had been fears that Longleat had revoked licences granted to Sustrans to allow cyclists to use the routes in question, with the removal of National Cycle Network signage within the estate and reports of at least one cyclist being turned away adding to the confusion.

However, Alistair Millington, area manager for Wiltshire at the sustainable transport charity, today told road.cc: "Longleat Estate has confirmed that National Cycle Route 24 and 25 can remain open for the time being.

"The situation is under review but I have been told they will discuss any proposed changes with us in advance.

'The removal of signing through the Estate last week was an error and we will be rectifying that as soon as possible," he added.

The Longleat Estate has been undertaking a review of public access to the estate following a number of incidents there including a burglary, partly in reaction to police advice and requirements set out by its insurers, according to a spokesman quoted on the This Is Bath website.

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under review = we got it wrong but we won't admit it. if they are worried about security, maybe they should install cameras.

posted by northstar [1113 posts]
22nd February 2012 - 9:27

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Of course, how stupid of us not to realise. Cycle paths are a major cause of burglaries so shutting them will stop those nasty burglars. That'll show them. Next time they show up on their bicycles to commit a large scale country house burglary they are really in for a shock. Wink


posted by BigAl [2 posts]
22nd February 2012 - 13:05


I have a public road in front of my house and behind it too. No choice about that. How the other half live eh?

Slow Cyclist

posted by corshamjim [5 posts]
22nd February 2012 - 15:38


This is very good news for the time being at least. There has been a great deal of doubt put about (deliberately in my view) about the future for the route.

It's a fact that Longleat have come under a fair bit of pressure on this over the last month and it may be that this has been a factor in there 'clarifying' the situation.
I love the bit about the removal of the signs being "an error".

posted by Daddylonglegs [13 posts]
22nd February 2012 - 17:04

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