A win for Greipel and some big scores posted - was yours one of them?

The Tour of Oman kicked off with a 159km stage with only one corner in it. That corner managed to catch out Mark Cavendish though, so he wasn't on the front to contest the win, which went to Lotto-Belisol's Andre Greipel ahead of Denis Galimzyanov (Katusha) and Tyler Farrar (Garmin-Barracuda). But how did things go in Fantasy land?

Well in the stage one table there was a dead heat between team Festina and team tommeke wat doe je nu, both of whom managed a cracking 212 points with the same seven scoring riders: Greipel, Farrar, Galimzyanov, Kittel, Guardini, Sutton and Bouhanni. We had a look down the rules and the only thing that could separate them was the coin toss. Team Festina was heads but it came up tails, which means user dr nick is our stage 1 winner! And he's also top of the competition league, and the purists league too, natch. In the overall table it's still Tour of Qatar winner rjl ruling the roost...

We'll do the stage 2 scores as soon as we can; there seems to be a bit of sand in the gears and they're slow to appear on the official website. Stay tuned!

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