A nice cosy mini-bus and a trailer for your bikes

Lands End to John O'Groats riders have a new facility to consider for their forthcoming group, charity and record breaking efforts. A new luxury van and trailer service called John O'Groats Bike Transport can ferry you and your trusty steed(s) to Inverness about 130 miles south and the first railway station. They'll even clean and fettle them for you.

"We're also offering a wash, lube and check service in conjunction with the bike maintenance folks at Weldtite and their new Pure environmentally friendly cleaning products so people can receive their bikes back minus 1,000 miles of grit and grime," says Lindsay Mackinnon of the new venture which is a spin-off from the existing Ticket to Ride Highlands bike hire business.

The really important thing you'll be looking for, though, when you've slogged 'up' all 874 miles are the comfy seats in that VW Caravelle mini-bus for which Lindsay and his driver/mechanics are all fully insured and checked out by the local council.

Details: johnogroatsbiketransport.co.uk

Loading the John O'Groats Bike Taxi

Lindsay Mackinnon of John O'Groats Bike Transport


A V Lowe [620 posts] 6 years ago

Nearest station guys is Wick - about 15 miles IIRC at high season about 50% of passengers on train at Wick are cyclists.

Good luck but it is a bit limited, for group market &c Summer did have coach service to Orkney Ferry from St Mary's Bay from Inverness passing within about 1 mile of JoG.

Citylink Coaches run to Scrabster, nice ride back via Castle of Mey and Greenland to Thurso

John G [62 posts] 6 years ago

Good idea - there are only a couple of trains a day from the far north which connect with other south-bound services at Inverness.

Gkam84 [9111 posts] 6 years ago

Yeah, Wick is an option, but thats going back the way you came, take the 20 mile scenic coastal route to Thurso and get the train from there  3

Their prices
up to four cyclists £180
five cyclists £220
six cyclists £260

But just looking at trains from Wick on Scotrail, 4 trains a day at £11.90 a ticket and Thurso is just the same

Earliest train leaves before 7am and gets into Inverness at 10:35, so fine for connections to anywhere and the same goes for the train at 08:41, gets in at 12:13. Another one leaves a 1pm and gets in at 16:48 just in time for the sleeper service  4