Having got the stubble 'just so' RH heads into the studio with forthcoming signature bikes

The Onix Black RH and RH Pro models are now not just ready but have had the obligatory moody studio photography shoot featuring their mentor, former track world champion and British road race champion Rob Hayles.

Remember those two new Onix bikes we posted about last week? At that point they were just built and hastily snapped, as several eagle-eyed readers spotted and Onix chortled about in the comments, "on the scenic Anglezarke climb" with Chorley as a backdrop.

The requisite glamour has now been added to the new carbon bikes coming in April by a photoshoot featuring top GB rider Rob Hayles in his new role as brand ambassador for the Preston-based company.

Mr Hayles is pictured with the race-orientated Toray T800 unidirectional carbon Black RH Pro above - the bike with the red cables - note the horizontal top tube, shorter head and overall more aggressive position that would be right up a road champion's proverbial street. The Black RH is the model below with blue frame accents. Price for the 'Pro' frameset is £1,399.99 which you can then have built up with the specification you need, while the slightly calmer version starts at £1,199.99.

Details: onixbikes.co.uk

Out-and-out racing geometry for the Onix Black RH Pro...

...while the sportive-orientated Black RH '10mm shorter in the top tube, 10mm longer in the head.'