Cav brings home the bacon for Team Sky, Boonen stays in the sand-coloured jersey

Looks like Cav's over his sniffles then. With a trademark 'disappear with 3km to go only to turn up at the front and win' manoeuvre, the Manxman took the spoils in the sprint today over Tom Boonen who remains in the overall lead. But who's been making hay in Fantasy Cycling today, and who's walking away with a Green Oil Eco Rider kit like this one, from the nice chaps at Upgrade Bikes?

It's you, OllyH! Team SBABES (no idea - ed) managed to include Cav and Boonen, and third-placed Aidis Kruopis. And Renshaw, who ran in fourth. And Sohrabi, Blythe and Cooke for some extra pointage. All in all a grand total of 183; not enough to place in the overall high score league but certainly enough to jump 37 spots to, oh, FIRST PLACE in the Tour of Qatar. Not bad! team rjl remain in second after picking up 120 points, while team rex69 drop two places to third from the top spot with a 'paltry' 115 points.

In the purists league team spikeyjoe take over the lead after a solid 101 points today, with yesterday's leaders team Corksoakers dropping two places to third.

We're looking into our crystal ball to see tomorrow's stage... it looks flat and, erm, sandy. Two transfers if you want 'em. G'luck!


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