CTC appoints new Chief Executive

Gordon Seabright takes up his post on March 1st after senior roles with the RHS and English Heritage

by Tony Farrelly   February 3, 2012  

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The CTC today announced that Gordon Seabright will take over as its new Chief Executive from the beginning of March. Mr Seabright replaces Kevin Mayne at the top of the UK's largest cycling organisation as he leaves after 14 years to take up a new role as Director of Development for the European Cyclist's Federation.

Mr Seabright who has an MBA from the Henley Management School joins the CTC following stints as Acting Director of the Royal Horticultural Society and Commercial Director of English Heritage - role which gave him resonsibilyt for Stonehenge. Latterly, according to his profile on the business networking site Linkedin*, he was interim CEO at the Company of Cooks a specialist catering company, and chairman of Urbivore a charity supporting urban agricuture  - he also headed up his own management consultancy firm, Seabright Consulting. It is not yet clear whether he will be dropping any or all of these roles when he takes up his post with the CTC in March.

Commenting on his appointment Gordon Seabright said: "I'm thrilled to be joining CTC at such an exciting time for the organisation and for cycling. As the UK’s largest cycling charity, CTC has an enormously important role to play as the champion for cycling and cyclists, and I feel very honoured to be joining the team."
"Cycling is a big part of my life and something my family loves to do together. Cyclists know what a wonderful activity it is, with so many benefits for individuals, the whole community and the environment. Today, with cycle safety on the front page of The Times, it is more important than ever before for CTC to continue its vital work. I'm looking forward to supporting the talented CTC team in doing all we can to champion more and safer cycling."

David Cox, Chair of the CTC Council said of the appointment: “I am delighted that Gordon is joining us as our new CEO and look forward to working with him. Gordon is a keen leisure cyclist and very experienced in the world of membership charities, as well as in tourism and event management. Gordon joins us at a time when cycling is again taking centre stage in British national life and his commitment and expertise are exactly what CTC needs as we look to the future.”

From March Gordon Seabright will be in charge of an organisation that has grown to achieve membership levels not seen since its original heyday in the late 19th century, it has also proved successful in making the voices of its members heard in the corridors of power and run a number of high profile campaigns designed to change attitudes to cycling and cyclists. The cycling community, both member and non-member will no doubt be looking to Gordon Seabright with his experience of very large membership organisations to take the CTC on to the next level… so no pressure then.

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"Mr Seabright joins the CTC from his role as Acting Director of the Royal Horticultural Society"

Really though? According to his public profile on a well known business networking site he left the RHS in October/November 2010 and has been doing interim roles since then.

I expect road.cc to do a bit better than just reprinting press releases even if they are from the CTC...!

Really, though?

posted by workhard [393 posts]
3rd February 2012 - 21:37


Sorry to have let you down workhard, I'm going to disappoint you even further by telling you that even if there had been anyone to talk to at the CTC at 5.30pm on a Friday night it's not something I would have asked about cos I'd expect that to be right.

Some times if you want to get the story out you just have to go with what you've got and add to it later as necessary. This was one of those times.

Oh, and after a long week I wanted to go home, but that doesn't mean I simply reprinted the press release. Fair point I could have Googled him though Plain Face

Tony Farrelly's picture

posted by Tony Farrelly [4201 posts]
4th February 2012 - 1:18


Well said Tony.

Grow up Workhard - you could have simply added the extra detail without slagging off the hard working Road.cc team. Anyone would think you didn't like the site. If so, then don't bother to visit it. However, in reality I believe that like thousands of others, you do enjoy the site and thus it would have been polite to add a note of such appreciation to your post.
Little wonder you have enemies, as your 'signature' says.

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posted by andybwhite [242 posts]
4th February 2012 - 10:39


To be fair if we do set ourselves high standards we can't really complain to much if we are called to account when we don't meet them. I suppose the point I was trying to make is that with a small team you have to pick and choose how you allocate your resources and this sort of job announcement on the face of it - seems a fairly cut and dried news story, although as Workhard points out Mr Seabright's Linkedin profile does add extra info… once you've cut through all the management speak. To be fair again though that's what you expect to find on Linkedin.

We'll be asking for an interview with Gordon Seabright as soon as he's got his feet under the desk to find out more about his vision for the CTC and cycling in general.

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posted by Tony Farrelly [4201 posts]
4th February 2012 - 15:37