The highlight of the year coming. Well, it is if you like lovely handmade bicycles

The organisers of the Bespoked Bristol show on March 23-25 have launched the poster and a fine job it is, too.

You may have noticed the preview videos we've recently run so far about the framebuilders Robin Mather, Paulus Quiros and Demon Frameworks. If you haven't this would be a good time to look because there's a renaissance going on in handcrafted bicycles and the forthcoming show at Isambard Kingdom Brunel's Temple Mills railway station in Bristol this coming March is going to be a showcase of the movement if the first edition held last year is anything to go by.

Since then, we've seen the extraordinary success of the Bicycle Academy where over £40,000 was raised in a public 'crowdfunding' campaign so that a traditional framebuilding school could be established in the Somerset town of Frome later this year. There is undoubtedly a rise in interest with a number of builders, among them Downland Cycles in Canterbury, offering traditional brazing classes with the Kent workshop also offering official government-backed courses for students that hitherto would have only learned welding as part of an automotive repair course.

Road.cc will be there at Bespoked Bristol in force. Yes, it's just down the road from us but the food, the beer and the riding in Brizzle is better than at Eurobike and the cream of Britain's framebuilders will be gathered in one place to show off their skills. There's even a superstar coming in the form of Italy's Dario Pegoretti who is bound to be good value especially if he can be kept in one place to engage with some of our own characters. We're thinking Pegoretti versus our own Brian Rourke from Stoke or Chas Roberts from Surrey, both exhibiting and all passionate advocates of their way of doing things.

The buzz is already going round about what the builders are preparing specially; it's going to be great and we can hardly wait.