Pre-Tour fun hots up for pro and anti Armstrong camps

Last week's spoof video by a Lance Armstrong fan from Texas which used the film Downfall to poke fun at the Fuhrer's attempts to stop Lance winning his eighth Tour de France has sparked a video response on Youtube.

'Brunyeel's Downfall' uses the same footage to make a very different point… and is if anything funnier than last week's effort. Unfortunately it's also waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more libellous too and should probably carry a parental advisory too. In fact it would be no surprise if it was pulled fairly quickly.

This time Astana team boss Brunyeel is Hitler surrounded by his top generals in the bunker for a pre-Tour briefing.

About the only line we can quote without getting into trouble is “It's not looking good Mr Brunyeel”.

All good clean(ish) fun and the sort of thing we can expect a lot more of as things start to heat up for the Tour… mind you, fun though the vids are they still have a way to go to live up to the comedic splendour of Jan Ullrich's MySpace page.

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