Fantasy Tour Down Under: the winners

Who won what, PLUS news of some extra races to fill your February...

by Dave Atkinson   January 23, 2012  

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Strewth! It turned out to be a fun-packed Tour Down Under, with Simon Gerrans of Green Edge taking the win before the Aussie outfit had a pop at Team Sky in response to Sean Yates' comments about their fitness. Alejandro Valverde made another step towards rehabilitation with a stage win and Andre Greipel signalled his season intent with three.

In Fantasy Cycling land it was a close-fought affair, with some big scores along the way. contributor and Morvelo-Kinesis rider Liam Glen was responsible for two of them, picking up two stage wins on his way to 30th overall. He wasn't consistent enough to take the overall crown though. The win goes to Makel Pro Cycling Team (user aaus), whose 138 points on the final stage in Adelaide were enough to jump from third to first and take the title by just four points, with a total of 831. The Rouleurs (user faqibg) rolled in second on 827 points with Team Saints (user jmall) just five points back in third. Purist winner was alexlnumber1 who has form in the Fantasy game, being an overall competition winner back in 2010.

Those three win some cracking goodies from prize sponsors Upgrade Bikes. First prize is a set of Reynold solitude wheels worth £424.99, with second place getting a Lezyne Messenger Caddy worth £84.99 and third winning a Lezyne Pressure Carbon Drive V3 mini pump worth £64.99. The purist prize is a Lezyne new Steel Travel Floor Drive pump worth £44.99

On top of that, all the stage winners get a Lezyne new Tech Floor Drive floor pump in shiny gold, worth £44.99. Liam can't win two, so stage 5's stage prize goes to second-placed Winton Wheelers. Here are all the stage winners:

1: natalia (by number of scoring riders from marlynn)
2: Liam Glen
3: johan83
4: lucas
5: Liam Glen (prize goes to Winton)
6: blain

Thanks for everyone for taking part in the first competition of the season; considering that we hadn't finished building the game when the Tour Down Under started it all went pretty smoothly once everyone had learned to CLICK THE BIG GREEN BUTTON. There's still a few things to add but we're really happy with the new game engine, and thanks for all the suggestions and feedback. Keep them coming.

Onwards, then. It was meant to be Paris-Nice next, but since enough of you have opined that you simply can't last the month of February without some Fantasy action, we've added two more competitions: the Tour of Qatar (5-10 Feb) and the Tour of Oman (14-19 Feb). Start lists will be posted as soon as we have them. You never know, there'll probably even be prizes. We'll keep you posted.

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Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks to those behind the scenes.

Great start.

Downhill bikes don't make you cool.

charliemac74's picture

posted by charliemac74 [181 posts]
23rd January 2012 - 12:11


Well done to the prize winners, I was nowhere near, more average than in the running, obviously lots to learn.
Plenty of the season left for some good luck to come my way. Wink

posted by Darren C [98 posts]
23rd January 2012 - 13:55


Yep, was looking forward to the start of this year's competition as soon as last year's finished, and I think the new game engine is great.

Or at least I do now I've got over the fact that I almost didn't have a team for the first stage. Yes, I was one of those who missed the BIG GREEN BUTTON. Luckily I spotted it in time.

andyspaceman's picture

posted by andyspaceman [246 posts]
23rd January 2012 - 14:41


Well done to everyone who took part and a big thank you to the staff who set the ball rolling or should i say the wheels rolling on this seasons comp.

Thanks for the added races as well - peer pressure wins the day Applause

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posted by stumps [3237 posts]
23rd January 2012 - 15:06


Congrats people!

Got the hang of it on the last stage..

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posted by seabass89 [235 posts]
23rd January 2012 - 17:01


I must be the unluckiest, 2nd in one stage, 5th overall. Bugger! No shiny pump for me!!

posted by Alan Tullett [1581 posts]
23rd January 2012 - 22:43


Great start. I got the biggest score I've ever had but due to some bad initial choice got docked 40 points on it when I had to rejig my team. : ( It works well though. Thanks!

Silly me. You're probably right....

MercuryOne's picture

posted by MercuryOne [1221 posts]
24th January 2012 - 9:00


Alan Tullett wrote:
I must be the unluckiest, 2nd in one stage, 5th overall. Bugger! No shiny pump for me!!

I was pretty unlucky too, 2nd overall after stage 2 and then either 1st or 2nd until after the final stage dropping to 4th

All the best for Qatar....this one is mine Devil

posted by TERatcliffe26 [4528 posts]
25th January 2012 - 19:43


You've made my week! Thank you! Wasn't sure how I was going to last 'til March. Girlfriend's cursing though!

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posted by obutterwick [538 posts]
25th January 2012 - 20:42

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