Sunseeker yachts from next door excluded, which bike, accessory or item of clothing floated your boat?

We always take hundreds of pictures at a bike show and then someone says, "Did you see the Unobtanium Mark IV" for us all to shift around uncomfortably and realise we missed the best little secret at the show. So, to save our blushes, why don't you send in your one pic of something that got the heart racing (no superyachts from the bike show or hunky pro cyclists with smooth, tanned legs) and we'll post 'em up here all day Sunday although we don't mind if your photo is from Thu-Sat but you only get one shot. We'll think of a prize for the best on Monday morning. Maybe Sunseeker will be up for it?

Best use email info [at] road.cc and keep it minimal or twitpic or somesuch to @roadcc; we can only post 500px wide anyway and only one pic each, so make it count. Give us your name and why you like your choice. Let's keep it to twitter rules; 140 characters.

To start us off we have a bit of a ringer who definitely won't be winning any prizes on account of being a trade insider but Richard gearing aka  The Bike Tart  who works for the Top People's bike shop Pearson's in Sheen (opposite Waitrose, don't you know?) has had his own exquisite Australian Baum showing off its wheels on the Lightweight stand on Thursday.

We won't dwell on the value but in Rich's own words, the spec reads as follows, "aside from the Lightweights, the Baum is finished with Enve 1.0 forks, Dura-Ace Di2, Tune cranks, stem, headset and ISP head, EE Cycleworks brakes, KCNC Ti-DLC jockey wheels, Zipp carbon bars, titanium Speedplay pedals, Vertebr.ae brake cables and a custom painted carbon San Marco saddle." The Parlee standing next to it which belongs to the Lightweight Wheels UK distributor isn't too bad, either.

Now it's your turn. We'll start adding them below as they come in with our best of the moment up there at the top. Go!

And here's the first; it's from Tim Benson who says, "A revelation to me was FOFFA bikes. An East London based company producing the most simple and elegantly designed fixies custom built to order. Loved these beauties."  It looks like the red bike is the new model called Gear we posted about back in November.


Frazer Clifford sent in this pic of an Independent Fabrication from the Mosquito stand, saying simply, "Subtle n Sexy." Certainly can't argue with that.


Andy Hebertson made a very good point: "'ello. didnt get to the bike show but did take this pic whilst out on bike, somerset levels, low cloud from Ebbor Gorge.