They'll be at the London Cycle Show too, if you want to ask them stuff...

Back in November when we first announced news of the Bike Leasing Company, the general opinion was that it was a useful idea, but badly let down by the website which was a bit of a mess. Well, they've been in contact to tell us that they have a spangly new website, and very nice it looks too.

They've always been an approachable bunch when we've spoken to them, and if you've got any particular questions about bike leasing you can speak to the Bike Leasing Company in person at the London Bike Show at ExCel this weekend. They'll be on the Surf Sales stand to answer any questions.

You can see the new website at http://www.bikeleasingcompany.com/

Erm, that's it really. We just wanted to let you all know you've helped make the world a slightly better (designed) place.

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