Broadcaster extends deal for the world's biggest bike race...

The Tour de France has been one of the success stories of ITV4, with viewing figures up 33% year-on-year for the coverage of last year's race. So it's no surprise to learn that the broadcaster has extended its deal to show the world's biggest bike race until 2015.

Finalised today, the new deal with the Aumury Sport Organisation, the owners of the Tour de France, covers rights for highlights and live coverage for the next four races. What exactly will be offered over the next few years isn't disclosed, but we'd expect to see a commitment at least equal to that of the last two years, which has seen live coverage of big stages on weekends and daily highlights shows throughout the week. ITV is also planning to "extend its digital and online coverage" of the race, although exactly what that entails isn't clear. In a perfect world it'd mean that you can watch all the stages live, online... fingers crossed, eh!

Niall Sloane, ITV’s Controller of Sport said: “ITV’s coverage of the Tour de France has a terrific reputation with viewers and sports fans and I’m delighted that, in one of the most exciting periods for British cycling, we have secured coverage on ITV4 until 2015."

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