road.cc has more than a passing interest in these guys as THEY MAKE OUR SOCKS!

SOS aka Save Our Soles socks have been around in the USA since 2003 gradually building up production from their Colorado factory and apart from shipping all over continental North America even have little international customers like your very own road.cc.

The word about the quality and *ahem* very reasonable price of the road.cc socks has obviously got around because today Planet X in Sheffield announced they've picked up the distribution for the UK and even have stock in over 20 different designs including patterns and sizing for men, women and in three different cuff lengths.

The big shock is that despite claiming some distinct technical innovations like a soft, moisture-controlling core-spun Coolmax fabric that introduces Lycra elastic into the core fibres themselves and throughout the foot, the prices are very keen compared to other 'high performance' socks, starting from £5.99.

There are also top quality merino wool socks, "the finest on the planet," they say, from £7.99 and a genuinely new soft fabric made from bamboo pulp. So what, you ask? Apparently using bamboo to produce Rayon is considerably more sustainable ecologically while offering similar wear characteristics to cotton but "better moisture management," say SOS.   

Details: planet-x-bikes.co.uk