The naughty strip tease on SRAM's top groupset update continues...

SRAM have this lunchtime sent detailed photographs designed to highten excitement about the forthcoming update in February to their Red top-end component group.

They already sent out a moody video revealing soft-focus porno views of the complete group and there was an overall photograph in our Tech Roundup on Friday. Now we have six detail shots, too, showing:

  • Rear gear: new AeroGlide ceramic-bearing jockey wheels 'for silent performance.'
  • Shifters: new ErgoDynamic design for 'best in class control & comfort.'
  • Front gear: 'revolutionary' YAW™ Technology eliminates trim according to SRAM.
  • Cassette: new StealthRing elastomers 'for silent ride' but mostly based on pared-down XX pattern from the top mountain bike parts.
  • Crankset: lightweight Exogram hollow carbon construction, likely to be lighter despite beefier appearance.
  • Brakes: Areolink arm 'for improved modulation and high power.'

What isn't shown here but is in the video and the previous overall photo is the completely redesigned crankset with a notably chunkier - and therefor stiffer - spider and one of the five retaining bolts integral with the main crank arm.  The large chainring is also more substantial suggesting that front shifting in accompaniment with a redesigned gear mechanism is going to offer better shifting between the chainrings.


There's a better impression of the new Red brake in the video below.


'Yaw' on the front mech refers to an offset design that should eliminate the need to trim.


Ceramic bearings on a rear gear that was already pretty flawless.


Distinctive new shape and texture to the Double Tap shift and brake levers.



Overall shot shows redesigned crank with concealed fifth bolt.


That video again...