Just for road.cc readers! Go for the direct debit option and you'll get 10% off the cover price of the mags too.....

Stuck for a last minute Christmas gift? This could be just the thing for you.

We've been big fans of Rouleur since its launch five years ago. It's the magazine that sets the benchmark for quality writing and photography about cycling, and it created the template for a new type of cycling magazine in which every aspect of cycling culture is up for discussion with passion, drama and flair.

That's why we're really pleased to have teamed up with the guys at Rouleur to put together this very special offer for road.cc users.  Subscribe to Rouleur today and get a free copy of Maglia Rosa - Triumph and tragedy at the Giro d'Italia, written by Turin resident and regular Rouleur contributor Herbie Sykes. In the course of its 312 pages Sykes will take you on a journey that evokes 100 years of racing for the fabled pink jersey - the maglia rosa worn by the race leader of Italy's national tour. The book retails for £29, but you can get your free copy with a Rouleur subscription costing as little as £36 - not bad, eh?

It's a cracking combination that should see you right for intelligent and thought provoking cycle-related reading and photography for many months to come. Go for the six month direct debit option (£36 for four issues) and not only will you get your copy of Maglia Rosa but your four subscriber copies of Rouleur will work out at 10 per cent less than the price you would pay in the shops. If you'd rather pay by card, not a problem, year-long subscriptions of eight issues are also available, costing £78 for UK residents, €120 for Europe and €160 for the rest of the world.

To take advantage of this great offer, click here to go to the Rouleur/road.cc subs page. and use the promotion code ROAD. Happy Christmas!

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