Cav and Peter Kennaugh put you through your paces on the turbo

Look outside. Who wants to go out in that? The hour of the turbo is upon us. Thankfully things have got more interesting in the last few years on that front, what with VR trainers and a bigger range of DVDs to watch. And to add to those options we're now featuring these DVDs from Isle-of-Man-based Three Legs Cycling, featuring some top Manx talent.

These DVDs use a different approach to racing-footage-based offerings from the likes of the Sufferfest; in the 3LC sessions you get to join the likes of Mark Cavendish and Peter Kennaugh - vicariously at least - in a structured workout on static bikes. The various segments of the session are shown on a display at the bottom of the screen, with the coaches talking you and the studio riders through them. In the easy sessions you get a bit of chat with the stars too.

It's a very different approach to some of the other training aids on the market but it's one that our Mat found very watchable during testing, and if you've any concerns about whether it'll work you hard enough, just take a look at Cav's face at the end of the sprinting one... he looks absolutely spent.

There's five titles in the series covering road racing (from both mens' and womens' perspective), sprinting, time trialling and climbing. Each DVD costs £24.99 and postage is free in the UK

To see more on the DVDs, head on over to the showcase...

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