...and you can try the Red Winds for the weekend on your own bike

Fulcrum are launching a new range of aerodynamic wheels for 2012 in the shape of the aluminium/carbon Red Winds, and UK distributor i-ride have them in stock and ready to sample.

You’re probably familiar with Fulcrum’s aluminium Racing lineup which kicks off with the £174.99 Racing 7s and goes right up to 1,435g Racing Zeros at nearly a grand a pair. They’re specced as original equipment on many bikes and have made a big impact on aftermarket sales over the past few years.

The Red Wind wheels have a structural carbon rim with an aluminium braking surface for more powerful and predictable control. They come in three different depths: 50, 80 and 105mm, and different models are available with different bearing options. There are standard bearings, USB (Ultra Smooth Bearings) ceramic bearings and CULT (Ceramic Ultimate Level Technology) bearings. The CULT bearings use steel races that are designed to be so resistant to corrosion that you don’t need to grease them, you just add a small amount of oil, keeping the rolling resistance low.

The spokes attach to the rim using what Fulcrum call a Directional Rim-Spoke Coupling (DRSC) design. Essentially, to keep the rim weight low, each spoke nipple sits in a small aluminium insert that can rock during tensioning to align correctly with the spoke.

The entry-level model in the Red Wind range is the H 50 Clincher at £949.99. As the name suggests, this comes with a  50mm-deep rim and the complete wheelset weighs in at 1,755g. Go for the H 80 XLR Clincher with CULT bearings and you’re looking at £1,599.99, and despite a much greater  depth, it’s about the same weight (1,770g).

Many of Fulcrum’s wheels are now available to try via the new Try Me demo program from UK importers i-ride. You visit one of their participating stockists, leave them a deposit, then get to try out the wheels for the weekend with no obligation to buy – although, obviously, they hope that you will. Reynolds’ UK distributor Upgrade run a similar scheme.

For all the details go to www.i-ride.co.uk.

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