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by Dave Atkinson   December 7, 2011  

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If you're organising a ride and you want to get it on the BikeBiz consumer cycling website of the year (that's us!) then good news: you can now add events to the site. Whether you're organising a big sportive, a club run or just a turn-up-and-go Sunday morning pootle, get it in the calendar!

Up until now we've been adding the big national-level events and we'll continue to do that, but we're also going to be rolling out a new look calendar that'll give you more up-to-date information about what's going on in your area. We've just added some extra bits to the current calendar, too: now you can filter the events by type, and if you're logged in you can opt to see only events in your region. You have entered your region in your profile, haven't you?

You can add any event you like, so long as it's related to cycling and you don't mind people off the site (read: people you don't know) showing up. Sportives, Audax rides, club runs, social rides, cycle jumbles, a slideshow about your bike tour of the Andes... as long as it involves bikes it can go on the calendar. When you add an event it'll get checked by a member of the road.cc team before it goes live.

Since you asked for the ability to add repeating events, we've added that too. There's a bunch of options for specifiying how often an event repeats, and for how long.

We want to make our calendar as useful as possible to UK cyclists and we'll continue to develop it. Look out for some new features in the new year. In the meantime, if you have events to publicise, get cracking! Instructions are below...

How do I add an event to the calendar?

You need to be a registered user of the site and you need to be logged in to add an event.

If you're not registered yet, click here to register. If you're registered but not logged in, you can enter your details in the bar at the top of the page.

Once you're logged in, head to the calendar page and click on the big 'add your event' link at the top.

Things to be aware of

If you're adding an event, please check that it's not already there. It sounds obvious but it's easily forgotten.

You need to make sure that you have permission to publicise the event, and use the text and images you upload to the site. If you've written the words and taken the photo (or designed the logo) then you'll be fine. If you're taking the information from another source, (eg another website) then that's generally not fine.

When you add an event, there's a field to specify whether it's of interest regionally or nationally. Please be honest about the reach of the event, because it'll make the calendar more useful. A bike jumble in Kent isn't going to interest road.cc users in Northern Ireland...

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Very nice addition

Can we add repeating events ? for instance we have several rides that run week in week out.
Little bit of a pain if we have to add them one by one

posted by scrapper [70 posts]
6th December 2011 - 18:46


anyone looking for a training camp in Portugal this is it, go to facebook page somersetcycling and look in events, or www.somersetcycling.com you wont be dissapointed Smile

posted by Astana Man [1 posts]
6th December 2011 - 19:42


scrapper wrote:
Very nice addition
Can we add repeating events ? for instance we have several rides that run week in week out.
Little bit of a pain if we have to add them one by one

we'll see what we can do Smile

Dave Atkinson's picture

posted by Dave Atkinson [7854 posts]
6th December 2011 - 22:14


Fantastic, we've just added 2 events - as a new amateur racing team it's brilliant to get our events noticed Applause

Stay Classy RT's picture

posted by Stay Classy RT [1 posts]
7th December 2011 - 17:42


Do you mind if we put off road rides on there?

Municipal Waste's picture

posted by Municipal Waste [237 posts]
7th December 2011 - 21:36