Halo Schwag Grab: winners announced! (finally)

Win some colourful rubber for you and your bike!

by Barney Fletcher   June 26, 2009  

Halo Twin Rail Courier tyre

We've had a lot on our plate what with moving servers and associated faffing, but things have calmed down enough for us to fire up the random number generator and pick five names from the e-Hat: those five people will be sporting funky Halo Twin Rail tyres very soon, and they are:


Trek Sal
sc129806 (catchy!)

Congrats to you five, and sorry to everyone who's going to have to spen money on rubber instead... Next up in schwag corner it looks like we might have a literary prize for all you bookworms out there. Check back soon!


Last week's Schwag Grab  offered a taste of adventure, this week… it's a taste of rubber!

Not any old rubber either courtesy of Ison Distribution we've got five pairs of the very fine Halo Courier Twin Rail tyres worth £200 in total (okay £199.95 then) to give away to five lucky road.cc users.

Available in a variety of colours to match your steed – well as long as it's white, pink, green or purple, or you can play it safe with black or the two-tone black and grey dual compound Courier Twin Rail we tested.

The Courier Twin Rail may primarily be aimed at the urban cyclist on his or her fixed or singlespeed but as we found out when we tested them they are great all-rounders well suited to any sort of commuting or mile-munching – tough too, well they are made to cope with city streets.

So if you want some “Lively, dependable road rubber for aggressive fixers and mile munching club bikes” or indeed any other bike… get commenting.

Usual Scwag Grab rules apply – oh, and tell us which colour you'd like, not that we're making any promises mind 

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schilbach's picture

posted by schilbach [12 posts]
15th June 2009 - 16:49


Yes please, don't mind what colour...

posted by cycle [47 posts]
15th June 2009 - 16:57

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black please cos i am irish !
doh ..... sorry, green Big Grin

posted by redkite [2 posts]
15th June 2009 - 17:09

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With tyres, I mostly adhere to Uncle Henry's maxim but in this case - any colour except Black please

posted by richcc [47 posts]
15th June 2009 - 17:31


Black and grey to match the colour scheme of my bike please. Wink

oldspikey's picture

posted by oldspikey [77 posts]
15th June 2009 - 17:50


a purple pair would be great

posted by megan1 [16 posts]
15th June 2009 - 19:08


Give me the green one....or the purple one....or the pink one....or the white one....or the two-tone one....or even the black one......Just give me a tyre!!!!



posted by nobled [78 posts]
15th June 2009 - 20:53


No idea if I'm too late for this...I'm usually late for everything else. Pick me a colour that will out-do my workmates fixie which has bright orange wheels or I'll just go for the Grey/Black option to match my frame.

posted by mspoke [33 posts]
15th June 2009 - 21:24

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They all look funky, but preferably pink for me, coz
1. I'm a girl
2. They'll go perfectly with my pink and white fizik saddle

Trek Sal's picture

posted by Trek Sal [52 posts]
15th June 2009 - 22:16

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Oooooo black or grey please Big Grin once again i have to say nice review, always very helpful!


Rookie rider

posted by dave6779 [36 posts]
15th June 2009 - 22:34


Perfect timing !!!! My Hemispheres are on their last legs. Any colour you like as long as they are round Smile
Jonboy B)

posted by jonboy [39 posts]
16th June 2009 - 6:10


grey/black would look mighty good on my roadrat...

posted by miuzikboy [58 posts]
16th June 2009 - 6:36

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Any colour for me please

posted by raykcv [12 posts]
16th June 2009 - 6:58


B) Purple tastic! They look really great and a pair of these will make me travel faster!

posted by sdeacon [29 posts]
16th June 2009 - 9:06

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I would love some of theses tyres, any colour, cos then I could say they are worth double my bike!!! I am a girl, bright colours are good !!

posted by pophol [1 posts]
16th June 2009 - 9:44


I will be extremely happy to recieve any of them...purple, pink or green would be the most fun I think.

TwiggyHo's picture

posted by TwiggyHo [60 posts]
16th June 2009 - 9:50

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Green please... Smile

Malin's picture

posted by Malin [25 posts]
16th June 2009 - 9:53


Any colour's great for me, even the green Sick

posted by notlawro [15 posts]
16th June 2009 - 12:34

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Mean,lean, green
racing machine
Halo tyres

posted by billiobob [54 posts]
16th June 2009 - 13:21

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white ones will match my white rims... hope the tires stay cleaner though Wink

posted by sc129806 [43 posts]
17th June 2009 - 10:54


Any colour for me please. I desperately need new tyres as I keep getting punctures. Normally on my way home from work at 2am. It's not much fun changing a tube when getting abuse from all the drunks.

posted by D71 [51 posts]
17th June 2009 - 18:56


YES PLEASE! My battered singlespeed needs more colour... What goes with orange..?

Morgan's picture

posted by Morgan [60 posts]
17th June 2009 - 18:58


black and grey do need some new rubber

posted by gazza [2 posts]
17th June 2009 - 19:01


Any colour please but would prefer the purple as it would blend in beautifully with my neighbours house in Balamory Smile

posted by scottishcyclocross [31 posts]
17th June 2009 - 20:44


Any colour - then I can get Lizard Skin bar tape to match! Big Grin

posted by SimpleSimon [114 posts]
17th June 2009 - 22:03


Oooo, I like the grey ones, they will go with my hair!


osanago's picture

posted by osanago [16 posts]
18th June 2009 - 9:54


Get some colour in your life. Yes please.
Im on board


bicycleworld's picture

posted by bicycleworld [26 posts]
18th June 2009 - 11:18


all those colours (bar black and grey) would clash horribly with my frame. Nice Devil

posted by radar [55 posts]
18th June 2009 - 17:16


Free tyres I usually take in any colour Wink

Pain is a sensation; all sensations are to be enjoyed!!!

posted by JohnV [4 posts]
19th June 2009 - 20:05


To parody Henry Ford
"I'll have any colour as long as it's free."

vtwenty3's picture

posted by vtwenty3 [27 posts]
22nd June 2009 - 20:00

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