A 21-day pre-Christmas quiz countdown based on the theme of the legendary Alpe d"Huez bends

You can always count on clothing brand Rapha for some Sunday internet entertainment and today is no exception.

First off for Facebook fans there's the start of a daily quiz that you can go back to each day for 21 days where you need to answer multiple choice questions inspired by the names painted on the hallowed precipitous asphalt of Alpe d'Huez in France.

Then, down in Norway's capital to promote their City Riding range the Rapha crew present a city guide to Oslo featuring a short inspirational video, "…a different take on urban road riding. The city’s quiet roads, green spaces and buildings painted in muted colours are juxtaposed to the vibrant chaos of London or New York."

The road.cc crew haven't been anywhere quite as lovely as Grenoble or Oslo this weekend but there have been some good rides in mostly sunshine and we all hope you've been having a great weekend, too.