Art meets craft in handbuilt guards for those who care about design and style

Simon Muir, a furniture maker and cyclist from Edinburgh and partner Stacey Hunter who comes from a background in design & architecture have teamed up to make mudguards that are finely hewn enough to embarrass anything but the classiest bikes.

According to Muir, "The philosophy behind the design is to keep everything simple and our attention to detail is exceptional. We think honesty to materials and an eye for form and colour sets us apart from our competitors. The muddle of plastic and ill-fitted mudguards on many bikes makes for an ugly, confusing sight - we wanted to offer a well-designed alternative to cycle owners who care about detail and style."

At £142 plus £8 shipping anywhere in the UK, the new Woodguards from Squaretree are not likely to challenge SKS chromoplastics for sales but with builders like Donhoe and Feather asking customers to wait six months for £1,000 plus frames that are as much about art as craftsmanship, it seems only right to pay as much attention to the mudguards as any other carefully chosen component. And at least you'll know these have been made and married to the finest stainless steel fittings in Scotland.

The 'guards themselves are laminated from a combination of reclaimed weatherproofed timber with contrasting and durable Formica on the 'wet' side - the only comparable wooden guards that we can think of are the legendary Fast Boy Fenders - which are all wood and come in two flavours light or dark made from maple and cherry so maybe not quite as weather protected as the Woodguards. Standard width for the Woodguards is 40mm for 700C wheels with timber and colour choices as follows:


  • Macassar Ebony
  • Cherry
  • Walnut
  • Beech
  • Sweet Chestnut
  • Rippled Ash

Formica colours

  • Baby Blue
  • French (Vivid) Green
  • Tricia (Apple) Green
  • Clementine Orange
  • Blaze Red
  • Lead Gray
  • Alpino Cream
  • Polar White
  • Martinique Aqua

Details: www.woodguards.co.uk