SRAM pART auction goes live on ebay

Remember the clever artworks made from SRAM components? You can buy one now…

by nick_rearden   November 22, 2011  

The project organised by Chicago parts maker SRAM to commission artists to make works inspired by boxes of 100 random parts to raise money for World Bicycle Relief has reached its climax.

This afternoon ebay started the bidding to sell all 50 pieces. The public auction follows a showing at the Las Vegas Interbike trade show in September and posted about this at the time; certainly one of the most interesting charity ideas we've seen in the business.

The auction runs until the end of November.


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Why start them so high?

I'm saying NOW, some of them just will not sell Thinking

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posted by Gkam84 [8792 posts]
22nd November 2011 - 18:38

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That sprinting monkey and the Motorbike are cool my opinion the rest are just crocks of..

i reckon my 11 year old son could produce something similar. Nice to see some art that appears to be funded as recognition of some great technical engineering instead of just lining the pockets of someone who can blag some funding from the public purse though..

I think im ranting...ill stop now

posted by scrapper [60 posts]
22nd November 2011 - 20:41

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I do love Powerglide and The Sprinter, but not at that kinda money

Although the thought of giving money to the world bicycle relief fund is all good and well, normally auctions start at normal prices where everyone can get involved, the cheapest being $500 they seem to valuing it based on the price of their parts and not on the artistic value

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posted by Gkam84 [8792 posts]
23rd November 2011 - 0:29

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Gkam84 wrote:
...they seem to valuing it based on the price of their parts and not on the artistic value

Ah, but Gkam, how do you define 'artistic value?' What to one person is a pile of bike parts they'd want paying to put on their mantlepiece, to another is something that speaks at a whole other level. Who's right? All that matters is that out of the approximate 1,000,000 people that will see this project one way or another, it only takes 50 to decide to pay up between $500 and £5,000 for World Bicycle Relief and they'll get a bonus piece of art that will give them a lot of pleasure.

posted by nick_rearden [859 posts]
23rd November 2011 - 1:05

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Art costs. Period!
What you would be buying is a 1 would b the only person in the world to own it and your raising money for charity...

.... If I had the dosh, I would!

Fantastic idea Smile

posted by gareth2510 [136 posts]
23rd November 2011 - 16:23

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