The rozzers down our way have called in the A-Team

The Avon and Somerset Police and Cycling City have made a series of short films featuring NYC "supreme expert" Hal Ruzal offering advice on locking your bike as well as safety and maintenance tips.

The boundlessly enthusiastic Hal Ruzal rides his bike 10,000 miles per year so reckons in his 30 year cycling career has ridden 300,000 miles. During that time he has worked at top New York City shop Bicycle Habitat as a mechanic, obviously picking up a fair few tips on how not to get your bike or components stolen.

In recent years Ruzal has enjoyed a second parallel career with the New York online cycling community with his Hal Grades Your Bike Locking videos and it didn't seem to make sense to reinvent the wheel, as it were, when Avon and Somerset Police were looking at ways to combat an epidemic of cycle theft in Bristol.

It was a case of fly in Hal, point him at the Bristol bike racks and 'Action'; the results are some priceless New York humour as well as advice - such as making sure the pole you're securing your bike to is itself secure - that will hopefully sink in with cyclists all over the UK. 

Details: halgradesyourlocks.com