Scraper bikes… coming our way, or already here?

scraper bikes

by Barney Fletcher   September 30, 2008  

It started when some young men in Oakland California decided to “scrape” their bikes because they couldn't afford the cars that were the original scrapers. They then made a video rapping about their bikes, posted it on YouTube. Other people posted their scraper vids. and mock scraper vids and a phenomenon was born. 18 months later there's a scraper bike section on YouTube and the vids are worth checking out for the comments alone – particularly like the shocked commenter who spots a scraped Bianchi Pista. One of the interesting things about most of the bikes in the vids thoughthe original scraper video is that the bikes aren't all that flash one of them is is a trike - actually it looks like a Pashley Workbike and there's what looks like a rather nice Pashley Tuberider in there. Pashley out on the edge as ever. And that tune is also so damn infectious. So what is scraping? Originally a collision of hip hop and car modding: cars with big rims and candy paint jobs, and, as the name suggests, scraper bikes is a collision of… hip hop and bicycles with big rims and candy paint jobs. The scraping bit refers to the fact that the original scrapers had rims so big that they scrape the inside of the wheel well. Basically it's all about pimping your ride – with a big emphasis on the wheels. How soon till it goes mainstream? Well, check out the vid then look with fresh eyes at Trek's new District…

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That's the first time i've ever seen a rap song dedicated to a tricycle. and they really look like they mean it. genius. that has absolutely made my day.

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posted by purplecup [233 posts]
30th September 2008 - 12:03


i remember seeing this a couple of years ago, it must of been, and it still makes me laugh, a song dedicated to a scraper. Let it roll!

If it is over then it is not the end, if it is the end then it is not over yet

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posted by jay cee [17 posts]
30th September 2008 - 21:51