All sorts of loveliness from Austria's most interesting bike brand

We like a bit of european leftfield loveliness here at road.cc. And when at Eurobike one of the best places to go is the Kraftstoff stand. One of Eurobike's most local bike brands - just round the corner of the Bodensee from Friedrichshafen, in Austria - They always come up with some very interesting machines.

This year was no exception. For a start, check out the Carbon concept bike that makes do with just one chainstay and one seatstay, linking the two together via a Rohloff Speedhub. It didn't have a belt drive at the show, but it would certainly negate the need for any kind of split seatstay: Kraftstoff have simply done away with that frame member altogether.

The meat of Krafstoff's range is sensible stuff - trekking bikes, mountain bikes and E-bikes, that sort of thing - but they always complement that with some fun bikes. Last year we were wowed by the Edelbock and that was back for 2011, as well as a pair of urban machines with downtube shifters and swept bars, complete with esoteric decals. Take a couple of minutes and have a look what the Austrians are doing...

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