The man known on Twitter as @TheWarhead gets his big lens out for the Beeb

The byline of photographer Geoff Waugh is known to countless mountain bikers from the pages of MBUK but he's just as well known in other disciplines of the sport. Today the focus is on L'Alpe d'Huez as Radio 4 zooms in on the snapper's job at the Tour de France.

3.45 this afternoon seems a good time to settle down with a Rich Tea and a cuppa to listen to one of cycling's top photographers hard at work on Le Tour. The third programme in the series Picture Power: Portraits of Five Leading Press Photographers, the other 15 minute shows feature coverage of That Kiss at the recent Royal Wedding, the Tottenham Riots and the two still to come travel to the anniversary of 9/11 and the Rwanda Genocide. Suffice to say, Geoff is in exalted company.

A five time winner of the Sports Photographer of the Year Award, Geoff Waugh is unusual for also working in the commercial area where only last month he was shooting the new Kinesis Crosslight for Upgrade Bikes and modelled spontaneously by a certain road.cc reviewer.

The programme, presented by reporter Miles Warde, follows Waugh at the final stage in the Alps at Tour de France 2011. The problems of finding the perfect spot on the famous twenty one bends and hanging on to a motorbike are all covered as well as making the point that cycling photography is unusual in being spread across 100km.

Picture Power: Portraits of Five Leading Press Photographers, Geoff Waugh.
15:45 BBC Radio 4 Wednesday 2nd November 2011

Details: bbc.co.uk


Simon E [3225 posts] 6 years ago

Suffice to say, Geoff is in exalted company.

True, though as you say he's no slouch himself. Glad R4's researchers have picked a good mix of material. There are lots of truly excellent photographers out there that rarely get any recognition.

Thanks for mentioning this, I will listen to it online this evening. Series homepage at http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0171p6z