Mancunians get the chance to make like a cat riding round a bath this Saturday

Manchester may have one of the world's best velodromes but this Saturday for one night only the city will also host the world's smallest when the Red Bull Mini Drome comes to town giving Mancunians the chance to make like a cat riding round a bath as the inimitable TR McGowran inimitably described it.

The action is sponsored by Charge bikes and it all takes place at the Victoria Baths in Hathersage Road. Doors open at 2pm when 500 spectators will be able to watch the qualifying rounds - format is a single pursuit… if they put any more than two riders on there at a time they really would have to be cats, although personally speaking I'd pay good money to see a cat based four ma… moggy pursuit,  or even better a cats Vs dogs… but I digress. The fastest 32 qualifiers then get to battle it out in the finals starting at 6.30 pm.

Manchester is the third city to host the Mini Drome following on from events in London and Glasgow, the current course record is held by Toms Alsberg from Latvia with a time of 33.555 seconds. Red Bull describe the Mini Drome as a test of mind and body and while it might be small it certainly packs a punch and demands top levels of concentration and handling skills from anyone riding it if you don't believe us watch the video of the London event and check out roadcc user Felix's account of his night on the boards in Glasgow.

We don't think record holder Toms will be there on Saturday, but Chris Akrigg who won the London Mini Drome will be. Sadly he won't be riding though as he recovers from the serious leg injury he suffered earlier this summer when riding his bike off a cliff (as you do). Chris will be co-hosting the evening though which should be pretty cool.

To find out more visit the Red Bull Minidrome website at www.redbull.co.uk/minidrome

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