Video: Reality only sucks for cycling students that don't know how to mend a puncture

Why guzzle gas when you could be guzzling energy bars and inner tubes?

by Tony Farrelly   October 12, 2011  

Bath Uni CC jersey logo

On the day when General Motors are getting it in the neck for trying to lure US students off their bikes and in to a Chevrolet with the tagline "Reality sucks" in to our inbox pops this fine video produced by Bath University Cycling Club (sponsored by intended to help their fellow learners get out of their cars and on to their bikes with some basic bike maintenance tips…

All right, this is the UK so their fellow students are more likely to be getting off the bus – possibly made by GM – and on to a bike than out of a car, but the moral of the story remains the same why guzzle gas when you could be guzzling energy bars and inner tubes? And this handy vid will help an first time student cyclist do just that with info on ride essentials, pre-ride safety checks - essential anywhere and very essential somewhere as hilly as Bath, and finally what do do when reality really does suck and your tyre punctures. Rome wasn't built in a day so we're guessing they'll actually make with the glue and patches in the next installment. It's aimed at first time student cyclists in Bath but the basic apply wherever you are student or not.


The vid was shot at the Green Park Bike Station, and stars Bath Uni's scarily fit John Whittington who manages combine being a club stalwart, with riding for Orbea, and testing stuff for and probably some studying.