We can hear the "Where are your lights?" and "Oi, get off the pavement!" calls from here...

In a short video that's bound to infuriate the 'cyclists off pavements' lobby but demonstrates the new Proviz light-emitting waterproof jacket and helmet, trials rider Duncan Shaw of The Clan - star member Danny MacAskill - takes us on an unlikely but entertaining commute via London's top midnight attractions to leafy suburbia.

The Proviz 'electroluminescent' garments featured on these pages recently and we commented what a surprise it was to see a black waterproof jacket presented as a safety item. The trick of course is that an internal AAA battery pack powers a pair of side panels which glow an eerie blue; a delight for some urban cyclists repelled by the very idea of fluorescent yellow. Proviz meanwhile are hedging their bets with more conventional hi-viz colour schemes as well.

If the film looks more than a little inspired by the usually daylit exploits of internet trials star Danny Mac it's because Duncan Shaw is a member of The Clan, described as Scotland's Cycle Stunt Team and founded by one D. MacAskill.

Our favourite part of the video? The old boy in the middle of the night who, despite the deserted streets, appears oblivious to an internally illuminated cyclist jumping off walls next to him. Lovely.



The £59.99 Proviz jacket has an internal battery pack. There's a yellow version, too which we reviewed last year.


JonnyWeale [9 posts] 6 years ago

Those lights are hugely underwhelming. Not surprised the old boy didn't see him.

Tony Farrelly [2911 posts] 6 years ago

yes, maybe he should have worn the fluoro yellow version there'd certainly be no missing that, but then maybe that would have defeated the point… he still wouldn't have been able to see the lights for the dazzle from the jacket  16

cornelim [34 posts] 6 years ago
JonnyWeale wrote:

Those lights are hugely underwhelming.

I agree, the lights on the helmet as well. Slap on some monkey lights, that'll get you noticed!  3

tommyketchup [86 posts] 6 years ago

I am afraid I watched that vid but didnt find on old man who didnt notice him? What time in does this old man appear?

Is it the pseudo santa with the white beard, who does notice him, but thinks 'who is that foolish boy on the bike' and 'he should be at home doing his homework at this time' in body language signals?  10