You've got to love jackets, backpacks and safety vests that light up in the dark

Internally-illuminated Proviz have launched a perversely dark version of their waterproof jacket and there's a new helmet featuring built-in red LED rear lights.

The commuting cyclist's window of daylight is narrowing drastically so Proviz have timed to perfection their launch of the new Triton helmet with an integral rear light and a new colourway of the existing jacket we reviewed with an 8/10 this time last year. The jacket features the more-or-less unique benefit of an internal battery pack powering external illuminated panels that cast an ethereal blue glow to stand out from the competing white and red lights in traffic and for a definite presence in the pitch dark lanes.

Proviz have now launched a black version of the jacket which would for odder for a waterproof cycling safety jacket if it didn't have the electroluminescent panels meaning it will still light up like a christmas tree when you need to be visible. At other times, the more sober colour should appeal to leisure and office-bound cyclists who don't want to draw attention to themselves in dayglo yellow. The price is £72.99.

The Triton helmet is all-new and Proviz say they were aiming for a rounder 'urban' look while designing in two pairs of red LED rear lights which look like they might offer a degree of side as well as rear visibility - a good thing high up, we reckon. The helmet body itself is available in fluo yellow or black with large reflective areas on both. Fitting is via a modern-style rear turny-dial knob and the price is £55.99. There's also a little kids' helmet called Eris in yellow only for £24.99.

There's more electroluminescence going on in the Proviz backpack but we reviewed that along with its recent laptop-and-hydration-bladder smuggling additions only back in September and there's also a simple tabard-style vest with flashing illumination and reflectives for £35.99. Illumination in a pair of gloves would be a big ask but at least the Proviz ones are fluorescent yellow with reflective patches for £26.99.

Available from Today's Cyclist dealers or proviz.co.uk

Proviz electroluminescent backpack has partitions for laptop, phone and hydration bladder for £44.99