Fancy a cup of coffee this Friday afternoon? Come and join us at Rapha's Mobile Cycle Club…it's gonna be epic...

Rapha are coming to visit us at road.cc this Friday and they're bringing their Mobile Cycle Club with them… so we thought you might like to ride out and join us for a Friday afternoon coffee*… the man in charge makes a mean espresso, we might even run to some cakes. You're going to have to earn them though we've arranged to meet Rapha and their mobile club on top of one of the bigger hills in these parts… there is though a cracking descent back down in to Bath.

The hill in question is Bannerdown; Bath's own version of the Kemmelberg which is the old Roman Road heading NE towards Cirencester from Batheaston on the outskirts of Bath. It isn't straight though except for the run along the top which can get a quiet er, blowy. Target time is 2pm and we'll be there for a couple of hours or so, hanging out and talking interlocked seams if you fancy joining us. At the moment we're torn between meeting the van at the top of the hill or further along the straight…depends how many people look like turning up, 'cos obviously we want to keep things safe… so we'll keep you posted on it's exact location during the week.

It'll be here or hereabouts, anyway...

If you're planning to come comment in below - it'll at least give us an idea of how many biscuits to bring. Oh and there will be some sort of prize** for anyone (who isn't us) turning up in road.cc kit.

Rapha have been driving their Mobile Cycle Club around Europe's big races all season, and we were lucky enough to catch up with it for an excellent round of espressos at Eurobike recently. Last week it was in Copenhagen for the Road World Championships and it really is something special - definitely worth the price of a hill.

Rapha Mobile Cycle Club, Bannerdown Hill, Bath, Friday October 7th 2011 from 2pm-4pmish

* If hundreds of you turn up, or possibly even tens coffee might be on more of a first come first served basis… there's only so much caffeine based goodness one man and an espresso machine can be expected to produce in two or so hours.

** not sure what it is yet

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