Sneak peek: Viner Magnus Backstedt team replica
Like coffee? Like bright colours? This is for you...

Mark from Viner stopped by at road.cc towers yesterday to show us the new (take a deep breath) cyclesport.se-magnusmaximuscoffee.com team replica bike that they'll be bringing into the UK. The team is the brainchild of Magnus Backstedt and manager Martin McCrossan and aims to showcase new young talent from Sweden and beyond.

See the gallery here...


No surprise then that there's a heavy Swedish bias in the squad, that currently comprises: Magnus Backstedt (SWE), Alex Wetterhall (SWE), Niklas Gustavsson (SWE), Freddy Johansson (SWE), Filip Rudenstam (SWE), Johan Nystrand (SWE), Marcus Johansson (SWE) and Daniel Patten (GBR). Magnus' own coffee brand, Magnus Maximus, is directly funding the team - for more on that, visit www.magnusmaximuscoffee.com.

So to the bike. Well, first things first: the team replica isn't the bike that the viking rides, he's on a Maxima and this team bike is based around a Celer frameset, which is a Columbus Fire front triangle with a Carbon monobox rear end. The Team Replica does get the same some might say  "gaudy" some might say "lively" paintjob though,These things are a matter of taste and no-one is going to accuse it of being under stated – it comes complete with viking motifs and plenty of coffee beans. The frame is paired with a Deda REB Carbon fork, also decked out in team colours.

An Italian-built frame deserves Italian kit, and there's nothing hanging off this bike that comes from outside the boot. Transmission is Campag Veloce, mated with a Miche Race compact chainset. Miche also provide the wheels and the brake callipers, and Deda chip in with bar, stem and seatpost. Selle Italia finish off the Italian job with a Filante saddle.

UK pricing is yet to be finalised but Mark tells us it'll retail for about £1300. Of course if you want to get the full impact then you'll need to get your hands on some team kit too, which cyclesport.se tell us, "breaks the pattern of traditional bikewear design". Whether that's in a good way is up for discussion...

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